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I love describing my style of photography. I enjoy using natural light and the local landscapes to capture emotionally rich, autrhentic portraits for families. This is different than studio photography, where the light is controlled and props are used. It’s great to figure out which style you respond to. While I don’t have anything against camera flashes, per se, I absolutely love shooting with the light Mother Nature provides, especially the warm glow of late afternoon. This allows me to concentrate on capturing moments as they happen without the need to adjust artificial lights. This approach also feels more organic and natural. Beautiful shadows remain and I let a shallow depth of focus to create a dreamy yet timeless look. Whether photographing babies or kids in the bedroom or the family on the beach, I allow the natural light to become a part of the story.

With that said, my passion for photography goes very deep. I first picked up a professional camera 30 years ago and I have barely set it down since. After working as a professional photojournalist for the San Francisco Chronicle for 15 years and running Nightingale Photography for 10, I am blessed to be able to have made my passion my business. The skills I developed at the newspaper inspire me to tell a family’s story, with giggly and quiet moments. Photography is such a meaningful part of my life. Every day I count my blessings for being able to take pictures and work with amazing clients on a regular basis.

Take a look at the portraits below to see how beautiful natural light photography can be. I can’t wait to photograph your family this Summer!

Candid Family Photography

Oakland Family Portraits

East Bay Photographer1

East Bay Photographer1

Sutro Baths Engagement Session

Oakland Photographer

Palace Fine Arts Maternity Session


Walnut Creek Photographer

Alameda Family Portraits9

Walnut Creek Photographer

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